Energy Meters

Energy meters are useful devices for keeping track of energy consumption in the home or office.

By measuring electricity consumption in real time, they can help keep energy costs under control and promote energy efficiency.

Meters are used in a variety of contexts, from residential and commercial buildings to large infrastructures.

Thanks to these technologies, it is possible to monitor and reduce the environmental impact of the energy we use every day.


Meter Types

The meters manufactured and supplied by International in Rho, province of Milan, are differentiated into:

  • 1-module DIN 30A or 45A static meters;
  • static meters with 2 DIN modules 30A and 63A;
  • single-phase and three-phase active energy induction meters;
  • three-phase reactive energy induction meters;
  • three-phase 2-system sealable terminal blocks;
  • 3-phase 3-system sealable terminal blocks;
  • pulse counter.


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