Measurement Converters

A measuring converter is a device that ensures the centralised acquisition of data quickly and reliably even from a distance, fulfilling the growing need to monitor the production, distribution and utilisation of electrical energy.

They output a load-independent direct current signal (impressed current) directly proportional
to the input signal.

A carefully conceived electronic circuit gives International converters great reliability, resulting in high linearity, high accuracy, a wide measuring range, insensitivity to temperature variations and vibrations, and low power absorption from the circuit under measurement.

Revalco International converters are manufactured in such a way that all the main outputs required by the market are already present in each one, leaving the customer the possibility of choosing the required output at the time, simply by varying the arrangement of the minidips under the door at the top of the housing.

The converters produced by are divided into:

voltage converters, current converters, power factor converters, single-phase active or reactive power converters, three-phase active or reactive power converters (3- or 4-wire).



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